Here is our monitor’s result of how much investment has attracted by our monitor.

Please note that Bitcoin only projects are relatively preferred by our investor and tend to receive good inflow.



Total ref comission: 0.05045BTC

Total ref invested: 1.009BTC(=2421$, btcusd 2400 at that time)

Project start: July 5 2017

Personal listing, no insurance


Total ref comission: 0.08749BTC

Total ref invested: 1.7498BTC (=4374$, btcusd 2500 at that time)

Project start: July 1 2017

Premium listing, 800$ insurance for 15 days


Total ref comission: 0.03937889BTC

Total ref invested: 0.7875778BTC (=2599$, btcusd 3300 at that time)

Project start: Aug 7, 2017

Personal listing, 400$ insurance for 10 days